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Graduate Institute of Sport Coaching Science
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The Graduate Institute of Sport Coaching Science has been established in 1994 after 6 years of active and positive preparation and persuasion that sport coaching is as a highly sophisticated subject within education and science application. Initially it was named under the Division of Science then in 2000 it has been changed to be under the Division of Education. After the new building has been constucted , the Graduate Institute of Sport Coaching Science will be lead to a higher and superior field level of the Sport Coaching Science .


Education concept

In tune with the development of modern science and technology, a coach who must be equipped with the good foundation of both theory and technique in which one must be able to practice what he/she preaches and must have both knowledge and wisdom to detect and solve the problems.



1. To educate sport coaches

2. To educate researchers in exercise science

3. To educate sports training and management professionals

4. To educate sports and leisure instructors

5. To educate instructors in exercise and health promotion



As the first established graduate institute in sports coaching science in this nation, the equal emphasis has been placed on both theory and practice for all students. In the academic area, the advance knowledge of exercise physiology, sports psychology, exercise immunology, biomechanics as well as sports culture, education and philosophy introduced. In the sports skills area, all students were encouraged to further develop their coaching efficiency by participating at least 500 hours in the areas of sport coaching conferences, symposia, licensing training or certification programs. Most of our students have acquired at least two C graded coaching licenses (certification) or one B graded coaching license. The doctoral program was established since 2006 which is one of the few graduated institutes offer PhD degree in sports related area in this country.


Sidelights on various activities , 2013

Sidelights on various activities , 2012

中正及嘉義大學所遊2012.06.16-18  photo

蔡三雄老師2013.10.04   photo

C級太極拳教練講習會2013.05.07-09   photo

陳景星老師2013.04.30  photo

陳景星老師2013.04.26  photo

李翠蘋老師2013.03.27  photo

黃崇儒老師2013.03.22  photo

許樹淵教授2012.12.21  photo

張育愷老師2012.11.23  photo

林忠雄教練2012.10.19  photo

蔡三雄老師演講2012.05.18  photo

俞智贏老師2012.03.23  photo

大師講座--鍾伯光教授2011.11.11  photo

張國彬老師2011.10.21  photo

甘思元老師2011.05.27  photo

潘瑞根老師2011.03.25  photo

林靜兒老師2010.11.26  photo

蘇肇元老師2010.10.29  photo

石明宗老師2010.05.07  photo

吳錦雲老師2010.04.09  photo

陳景星教授2009.12.11  photo

蔡三雄教授2009.11.27  phpto

吳萬福教授2009.10.30  photo

校友返校講座--曾意涵老師2009.10.02  photo